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“I learned how to solder pieces back together, fix chains, size rings, “she remembers.   “Finally, I got bored and decided, rather than fixing existing pieces, I would create my own line.

The artist chose pearls as her medium.  “Pearls,” she says, “are the oldest gem known to man.  They possess classic appeal.  Most women own at least one strand of pearls, and most stores carry an entire line of pearl jewelry.”  Her inspiration came from the creations of Kristin Moore---“wire earrings with a single pearl on the end.  “I liked their simple elegance,” explains Chambers.  “my goal was to take this classically appealing medium and put it into a contemporary form that would blend well with other jewelry.”
Chambers has always searched out new ways to keep her line fresh.  Like her discovery of intriguing mother-of-pearl gambling chips, which has led the artist to many new designs.  “what I love about them is that each one is etched and old (created in the 1700s) and possesses a story about families and lifestyles.  They were all commissioned pieces, made by the Chinese for the English.  At first I found a few and created several one-of-a-kind pieces.  After a while, people started calling me to say they had gambling chips for sale,” says Chambers.  “What’s great is that it’s easy to cut and change the shape of each piece, which lends variety to the line.”

Working out of her studio in White Plains, N.Y., Chambers is pleased that, after almost 20 years in the business, her work has remained popular.  Both Lonnie Anderson and Sissy Houston have purchased pearls from Chambers’ line.  She discovered another celebrity patron thanks to the U.S. Postal Service.  “I received a photo in the mail of a couple.  The woman in the photo was wearing a piece of my jewelry, a piece she’d later lost, but wondered if I could replace it,” says Chambers.  “As it turned out, the gentleman in the picture is her husband Chuck Daly, who happens to be the head coach of the Orlando Magic.  Needless to say, I replaced the original.”

Americanstyle Magazine, Winter 1998

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